Artwork Specs

You can upload all artwork, place new and repeat orders, or track orders by visiting and logging in. Sending all art files through our artwork upload tool is the preferred and suggested method.


Acceptable Programs:
Illustrator®, InDesign®, Photoshop®

Unacceptable Programs:
Any Microsoft® program
Corel Draw® – export as Illustrator® or PDF. (Orders requiring spot colors must be sent as spot colors).

Artwork Upload Tool

Did you know that e-mail is not an efficient method for sending artwork and it could corrupt your file?
We have developed a new online tool for you to use next time you place an order with us. This new tool can be found on You will need to log in or register for an online account to use this tool.

• Once you’ve logged in to SelfService click the middle icon, “Artwork Upload” to get started.
• Upload and send multiple files up to 400 MB at once.
• In the “Comments/Directions” field, please reference your P.O. number and any specific directions associated with your upload files and order.
• Zip your fonts and all files to help protect your data and avoid corruption during the upload.

In addition to having an easier way to send artwork, you can also track your orders, place reorders or new orders, and get estimated quotes on

Proof Options

• No Proof
• PDF proof* (not for color match) – Free
• Epson® inkjet proof (four-color process only) – $46.00
• Please note: Epson® inkjet must be returned to match color at press.
• Normal Production time is required after return of proof. Changes made at proof will incur additional costs.
• If you do not provide color-separated lasers or a high-resolution PDF with your order, we will supply a proof to you at the costs listed above.

You must respond to your proof in writing. Color correcting is quoted on an individual basis. We reserve the right to require new, corrected files on any project. For proofs on standard dies, please allow up to two days for the production of the proof. For proofs on custom or new dies, please allow up to one week for proof production. All proof charges include next day air afternoon delivery service in the cost. Quoted production time does not begin until the proof has been approved (and returned, if color proof). If your folder is out on proof for over a month, we will automatically cancel the order and bill for production and handling fees.

Please Note

• Folder Express® specializes in quick and efficient production. Production cannot begin until all correct artwork components are received. Orders with accurate composite files will precede orders requiring placements, adjustments, or typesetting and those with incomplete files.
• Artwork received that is incomplete, requires typesetting, or other adjustments will incur additional costs.
• Folder Express® retains the right to require a proof be signed and returned before beginning production on any project.

Artwork set-up

• All files must be created as either grayscale, CMYK, or spot colors. RGB IMAGES ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE.
• Please do not embed ICC color profiles as they will be discarded when we print your order.
• Image Resolution: 300 dpi or higher.
• Remember: Pixel-based images lose resolution when their size is increased.
• For spot colors, Pantone® color names should be specified.
• Use the same color names in all files. When using multiple programs, ensure that color names are consistent – the slightest difference will cause the colors to separate incorrectly.
• Color Matching: We cannot guarantee color matching to customer-supplied proofs. Folder Express® will run industry-standard ink densities on the press for both PMS® colors and four-color process. If your project requires an exception to this, it must be clarified and approved before production begins.
• Screens, bleeds, and certain ink colors may require a coating.

• Convert fonts to outlines/paths whenever possible.
• Postscript (Type 1) fonts are not accepted.
• Bold & Italic: ensure that your printer font has these styles built in before you use bold and/or italic from your program’s style menu.
• Send all font files associated with the fonts you are using (i.e., all screen and printer font files).

• Set up artwork in a page layout program such as Illustrator® or InDesign® whenever possible.
• Set up files to size. If you don’t, send positioning information.
• Include at least 1/8” bleed when necessary
• Watch out for overprinting items, they may produce an effect you do not want.
• Use our templates – they are set up to overprint, so please include them in your document. They can be found HERE.

• Send all files being used – fonts, graphics, etc.
• Commands such as “Package” (InDesign®) gather all needed links and fonts.
• Send ONLY the files we need.
• Duotones and Monotones “Embedded” in Illustrator® will translate as CMYK images.
• You may supply your artwork via: SelfService (Artwork Upload), disk, repeat order or request typesetting.

• Make them the correct size (i.e., not 8½” x 11”).
• Embed all fonts.
• Use the correct colors.
• Be sure to have ⅛” bleed in artwork for all sides on which copy is to bleed.
• Please include the template.